Wednesday 5 September 2012


One of the leading educational institutes in Pakistan, Preston has been providing quality education with its highly qualified and expertise faculty members. The university offers paramount environment for studies and complete secure environment. With presence all over country, Preston is ranked among the top universities by HEC. Personally, I have had great experience while studying in University. The curriculum that was taught in university was of zenith level and can be compared to curriculum of any world class university. Being a professional today, I really cherish all those moments that I had in my University life; from helpful professors to great friends and from excellent environment to valuable knowledge gained.
Hearing scam about Preston University compel me to put forward my point of view in clearing that there is no such scam or fraud going on in Preston, being first hand degree gainer I want all students out there to be sure that they have chosen the best university and are sure to have a world renowned degree at the completion of course which they will cherish forever.